5 marketing mistakes that app developers make

The world has moved from the computer era to the mobile era with mobile marketing becoming the need of the hour. As the consumers have become smarter than ever with every passing day, it has become imperative that mobile marketers also pull up their socks.

However, there are still plenty of common mistakes that mobile marketers make.

What are those mistakes take a look and see for your self –

  1. It’s mobile and not desktop. Stop treating it like one

We all might think that mobile experience is comparable to web experience with the only difference being in the size of the screen. However, in reality a mobile app experience is entirely different. And, statistics have shown that users move on quite quickly if they think that mobile app is just a smaller copy of the website. Therefore, focus on giving the users something more meaningful as well as useful within a smaller screen.

  1. Not having a marketing plan

Marketing is a numbers game. Isn’t it so? If you are unable to get the desirable number of downloads, then the app is of no use. However, in order to achieve that you have to be prepared with a plan. Create one that fits within your business requirements and makes people aware about your app so that you can get them to download it.

  1. Not giving the users a reason to come back

One of the biggest problems with mobile marketing is continuously falling retention percentage. In fact, more than 90% of the people are a goner within not more than 6 months. Therefore it becomes imperative that you give them reasons to stay back. Remember people will return only if they find something of value in it. So, understand your customer base and make additions in the app as per their needs.

  1. Ignoring the customers

Just because you have a successful website doesn’t mean that the app is going to be a big hit. Remember that your audience loved your business because you took care of them. So, why ignore their presence in the web circuit? Emphasize on user experience and the usefulness of the mobile app for them, and I am sure the problem of user retention will be solved.

  1. Not tracking the success

As they say, planning is just the beginning; you need to track the progress in order to get a measure of the success of the plan. However, most of the app marketers continue to ignore it even till date. This is the reason that it becomes difficult to gage whether the app is doing good or not. So, don’t forget to track the number of downloads and other key metrics.

If you have been making any of these app marketing mistakes, then it is high time to pull up your socks and be ready with a marketing plan without these glitches.
So, what are you waiting for?


Sam Gold

Sam Gold


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