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5 pointers to get your app featured on Google Play/ iTunes


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“Yes, our app is currently featured!” …If you’re dreaming of casually flaunting this sentence in the next business event you are attending, you should keep on reading and hopefully increase your chances by following these 5 pointers

1. Get an intro to Google play / iTunes internal people (employees)

Featured app - Google Play asnd iTunes internal peopleRelationships. Connections. This guy who knows that guy. Getting to know our industry decision makers, the ecosystem influencers is the first step towards an intro with the Apple / Google internal guys, who can recommend you to the “being featured” committee. And there is such a committee.

How does it work? There’s usually an internal regional manager or something similar, which is in charge of collaborating with local industry players. This collaboration includes recommending apps, hopefully your app. We are not talking pure vitamin P, as your app will still need to meet the requirements (getting to it in a few sec), but think of it as an attention pointer. You gotta have it in the ocean of apps that fill today’s app stores.

  1. Provide (Google / iTunes team) a good reason why

“I want to rule the Play Store!”

Well… not that kind of reason. You can tie a good reason to timing for example. Working on being featured should be part of a bigger thing. Like when you have a major version update coming that just went out, when you’ve reached your first million installs, or when you release a new important feature.

If you get an intro, and hear back from Google / iTunes, they will most probably have some questions. Be prepared to elaborate on your best territories in terms of engagement and retention, your target audience and so on. After all, they are looking to optimize the experience for their users.

  1. Ride a noisy launch / version upgrade campaign wave

Google / iTunes want to know that they are not the only ones to bring the news. If they know that your team is planning on a massive / noisy release that includes PR, chances of getting their attention will increase. You want to seize the opportunity right there and then.  

Therefore plan ahead, prepare towards a noisy launch and contact Google / iTunes ahead of time with all the details, so it’s all well-coordinated.

  1. Show them your love!

Featured app - Love

How? Well, don’t be phony, but do show them you love and respect their variety of brands. For example, show them that you use and constantly improve your Google assets. Google Plus? Sure, YouTube? No problem, Google login? Why not!

In terms of features and integrations, it is advisable that you follow the Android Developer Best Practices. You don’t have to do it like they want you to, but then again, they don’t have to feature your app. One important best practice, and I can’t stress it enough, is to make sure your app is compatible with as many relevant devices as possible.

  1. Localization – More languages, bigger chances, bigger promotion

Featured app - app localization

It makes total sense that Google / Apple will want to promote localized apps, right? Or for the very least localized pages. So yes, localizing both your app and page will increase your chances. Don’t forget to mention it when you talk to your regional manager or the committee. Also, don’t forget to match the languages supported by your app / page and the territories you want to be featured at, in-case you are asked to select territories.

Always go for territories that you app is optimized for. You can get an idea by looking at your retention metrics. That’s if you are working on being features with an already launched app, of course.


Some apps may just get lucky and find themselves featured with no action on their side. Many others work very hard to get this opportunity, but it’s totally worth it. Wishing you all the best, and please, share with me your related experience as a comment to this article.

Renana is Product Marketing manager. She has years of experience in the digital marketing world, offering specific expertise in product marketing, content, UX, social media and more
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