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6 ASO hacks to boost your app promotion


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When it comes to mobile app marketing, the gap between beginner and expert may seem unbridgeable at first, but it’s no rocket science (almost nothing is…) and there’s a lot you can do by yourself. App Store Optimization (ASO) for instance, doesn’t have to be out of your reach forever. Through a bit of trial and error, and with a few helpful tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to get a grasp on ASO & learn how to organically promote your Android & iOs apps. 

Here are 6 hacks to get you going:

Visuals and graphics of your app

Representing your app with eye-popping visuals is one of the best ways to boost app discovery and get your name out there. It’s about staying fresh by always updating your app download page and using attention-drawing screen grabs. For a little help, visit our app marketing templates catalogue to choose from endless graphical templates which are updated constantly. Or you can try a free starter template to kick off your app right now.

Templates example:

A/B test your app download page assets

Since Google play released (just recently) ‘Experiments’ ASO has been made easier. The key is to never stop trying out different images, copy, and design, and constantly measure your conversion rate. Check out this great use case written by

everything me_imageSource: EverythingMe

App Keywords

Long lists of keywords may look impressive, but if you’re shooting to maximize quality installs, the trick is ONLY using keywords that fit your app offering. The extra traffic gained by inaccurate keywords won’t help your end goals. For some help on finding the right keywords for your app try App Annie, Sensor Tower or similar tools.

You will probably hear some words about long tail key words. Those are words that your competitors didn’t think of, hence both relevant but not that competitive. I’ll tell you what. Finding longtail keywords isn’t relevant for every app. And moreover, some of these long tail words are so rare to be used, that it’s just not worth it. Some times the best way is to stand up and fight for the words that describe your app best. It all depends on your patience and investment in communications.

I’ve made it to the top a couple of times, going for super tough keywords like “contacts” or “keyboard”, but I had patience and I used all marketing communication channels, like Social, PR and so forth, ha and the apps I was promoting were just great. That helped…  When it comes to Google play rank, all your digital assets are calculated in in addition to other parameters. In iOs, though, the engine is much more primitive, with rank mainly set by the volume of installs and your predefined keywords. Still, you will need to maintain volume of installs if you wish to get and keep a high rank. For that you will need to roll up your sleeves and generate traffic via multiple channels.

App Title

The keywords that are most important to you should go into your app name (in both Android and iOs). However, users know the difference between a meaningful title and one that is overly sales-oriented, so use a light touch. Don’t make a jungle out of your app name. I know as I have tried it and was burned, to be honest. (Di you know that your app name appears in your Facebook install ads as is? So if you come up with a nonsense long name that’s using to many keywords you are bound to look bad, and that’s a NO GO). The other thing to keep in mind is that you’re often better off staying away from too highly contested keywords, since you’ll have to put up too much of a fight for them to be worth it. As long as you can choose an easier keyword that still describes you well and is being searched for (use professional app keyword analysis tools), you should.

App users’ reviews and feedback

A successful ASO depends on being responsive to the feedback and reviews you receive from users. Your app rank is drastically affected by the number of positive and negative reviews you receive, especially when you first launch your app (it’s when you are most vulnerable to 1 star reviews) so encouraging positive response and nipping problems in the bud is the best way to go. It’s also alright to solicit positive reviews from users if you know they’re satisfied with your app service. How? When you first launch your app (and every time when you update a version, for an iOs app) ask friends and family to help. The more the merrier. Then hunt for reviews from users who’ve asked for support and got it to their satisfaction. I’ve had a wonderful experience with making support requesting users to great ambassadors for my apps. By the way, you should monitor user reviews on an ongoing basis to reveal version issues or bugs. There are tools to help you with that, such as :

Localize. Localize. Localize your app marketing!

I love this tactic as it’s easy, low cost and it brings great results. Localizing your entire app will increase your addressable market, but even if your app menu is in English, still there are a lot of users in foreign countries who know the language and are used to English apps, you just need to localize your app download page texts to reach them, and to earn the ranking for foreign keywords. Did you know that you will be granted an additional 100 characters of keywords for every foreign language your iOs app is registered under? Finally, translate your PR announcements to support your Google play rank for foreign keywords. For example: let’s say I have a keyboard app. My Google play rank for keyboard is set based on many parameters, with some weight on backlinks and rank in Google web search. So, if my press announcement is translated to foreign languages and I get relevant posts about my app, using the word keyboard in foreign languages, it means I am getting stronger, and increasing my rank for ‘keyboard’ search in many languages, not only in English.


It may seem like a lot to wrap your head around at first, but with a little practice, app store marketing (or ASO) can be easier than you ever thought possible. Boost your app discovery and app rank today by keeping in mind a few of these helpful ASO tips.

Elli is one of Co-Founders, a mobile expert and a mentor. Having years of experience in the mobile and marketing industry promoting popular mobile apps and B2B related services. Presenting specific expertise on users' acquisition strategies, PR, social media, product marketing, BizDev integrations and more
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