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Abstract colorful screenshots templates – Google Play and iTunes

It’s important to keep your app store screenshots appealing and interesting – they are a crucial step towards installs.  Stylize your app store’s graphics with these abstract style templates, compatible for both Google play and iTunes. We’ve included an additional landscape screenshot for iTunes and a banner sized screenshot for Google Play (since Google Play allows for a banner sized screenshot). 


All is left for you to do is to replace the device screenshot with your app’s screenshot and edit the text as you please. You can also choose not to edit the image at all, by using the PNG format screenshots, which do not include any text or background dedicated to the text.

Here’s a preview of the templates that you’re getting:

Google Play banner screenshot

Google Play regular screenshot

iTunes landscape screenshot

iTunes portrait screenshot

Click here to review the templates guide which includes a preview of all the templates, and an explanation on how to adapt them yourself  

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