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Using ASO (app store optimization) to put your app in the driver’s seat


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Everybody talks of app store optimization (ASO). Still, what it’s worth remains a valid question. Well, here are some important things to think about. 

You have a valuable app, and the business model is there. Still, you’re not quite sure how to get the app discovery process started, meaning, how to get users to install and use your app. If this sounds familiar, that’s just because it’s a common theme among new app developers. Well, we have some ideas as for how you can get your app to market and climb up the app store ranking, helping you get noticed by your targeted customer base.

You don’t want your app buried beneath every other app. Remember the crème de la crème should rise to the top!

This is where app store optimization, otherwise known as ASO enters the picture. You’re probably wondering: Do I have the necessary technical expertise to optimize my own mobile app? Or maybe, It sounds like it’s expensive – is it? You may even be a little unsure of how the Google Play Store ASO is different to the iTunes Store ASO.

Don’t get bent out of shape! We’re going to untangle these issues for you. Even if you are a newbie in the App Store Optimization world, it’s entirely possible to learn the basic tricks of the trade. You don’t need to be an expert – that’s the beauty of app store optimization. But before you jump headfirst into the shark tank with ASO agencies, you may want to take a few things under consideration.

App store optimization specifics for boosting your app discovery

Of course, there are things that you can do to boost your app. some important pointers:

  • Rating, rating, rating! Make sure you learn how to improve your app rating in the App Store and generate terrific reviews. Users need many great reviews to trust you. Also, both Google and Apple are calculating reviews in their app store ranking algorithm. So yes, you will need great reviews, and many of them, to climb up to the top of the charts.
  • Compile an attractive app name, icon and app description that entice customers to download your app. How? Give it a lot of thought and make some research. Take a close look on your competitors’ assets. I usually make a comparison table so I have all the data in-front of me. I also create mockups of how my app would look in the app store category, being featured and when it is included in the search results for a specific keyword. Here’s a free tool you can use
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so be sure to create app screenshots that are informative yet sexy. Again – check out your competitors. By the way, you can get affordable, professional design using a designer from, or that you can use one of our graphical template packs
  • Localization is extremely important to app store optimization. You want to be talking directly to your customers wherever they are in a language that they understand. It’s also about payment options and customer support tailored to a specific market: You can define different price per market, so for example you can use the .99 where it’s popular, but keep away from such a pricing method where it is not acceptable.
  • Very important – As in Search Engine Optimization, titles, descriptions, keywords and content are extremely important. These need to be decided on using App Store Optimization professional tools. There are many of them out there (such as Sensortower, Apptweak, MobileDevHQ and so forth.) but from my experience, the free tools provide only partial answers to what you need. So you may want to invest some cash and go premium, getting access to their full feature set. Also, compared to the complex world of SEO, ASO is much easier to digest and operate. So, despite the fact that keyword research is a time consuming task, there is still an upside here! Coming up with both an attractive and ASO-optimized content is a challenge, but it can be done, even when you work DIY style.
  • And let’s not forget – app store optimization can be achieved for a relatively low-cost! PR agencies are very costly, acquisition costs are crazy and keep rising, in-app virality usually requires you to work on your code, but ASO can be done with relatively small budget, and up to a certain level it can be done in house.

Are you familiar with all the differences between optimizing your app for the Google Play Store and the App Store? If not, it’s time to read up about these differences and learn to tailor your offerings to Android and iOS platforms. Along the way, you are going to meet many challenges, but the true test of your success will be how you overcome these challenges.

Be patient. It’s a key success factor. Getting your app to the market and getting it installed and used by your target users will take time. Ongoing marketing, adjustments and modifications will be needed from time to time.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is about partnering with your mobile app over the long-term. If you’re looking to corner that section of the market that you’ve been targeting, ASO is an important step on the way. Better start today!

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Tsipi Joseph
Tsipi is one of Co-Founders, a mobile expert and a mentor. Over 10 years of experience in the mobile and marketing industry: Director of Marketing at Telmap, Comverse and marketing professional development director at the American Association of National Advertisers.
Tsipi Joseph
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