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If You’re Disappointed with Your ASO Results, You Are NOT Alone….

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We all love a great Cinderella story, and a lot of App Store Optimization agencies and tools will sell app developers exactly that; a tale about millions of users out there just waiting to use their apps. The reality is quite different.I know my way around ASO. As an app marketer providing service to app companies, I had my share of ASO to last me a lifetime. And from the buzz generated from these 3 little letters combined; A-S-O, It seems I’m not the only one. Everybody wants a piece of the App store pie, and it seems that ASO will provide them with the opportunity to grab a big one.

Indeed for some, ASO offer great rewards. For others, however, it’s a little different. Many app developers often find themselves in meltdown mode after receiving their ASO results – which they had naively expected to be much, much greater in the lead up.

There are five main types of mistakes app developers tend to make when it comes to the issue of ASO, all of which are listed below. Taking note of these mistakes will allow you to avoid crippling disappointment in the future, and ultimately help you to become a better developer in the long run…

1. Being Prepared For The Wrong Market

Identify your app's audiance

Pumping considerable amounts of money into an ASO process might be smart if you are a consumer free app that has the potential to reach absolutely anyone. However, you should consider your investment if you’re operating an enterprise app, or a productivity app that has a small addressable market. You need to identify your app’s audience and be realistic about them when it comes to ASO. Don’t go reaching for the stars if your app is better suited for an average sized hill.

2. Creating Unrealistic Expectations

The biggie. App Store Optimization is widely regarded as the magic key to app success in several developers’ circles, and this often leads to people conjuring up foolishly high expectations after engaging with ASO processes. In reality, the promise of tripling the amount of installs is more relevant to apps with really low amounts of installs, than to apps with higher amounts. The higher the amount of installs is, the more complex the ASO process, and the less dramatic the outcome. Simply put – your expectations need to be measured and realistic when it comes to ASO

3. Being Short-Sighted

You have to be in it for the long haul to see the payoff

I could have included this one in the previous section, but I decided it’s entitled to its own section. ASO is a long, long process. There’s no one way of doing things, and no one magic guidebook. Circumstances are different for every individual developer and every app, and there’s a considerable amount of trial and error involved along the way. Giddy results won’t come quickly. You have to be in it for the long haul to see the payoff.

4. Misunderstanding ASO Tactics

ASO keyword tools are not 100% accurate

A lot of app developers don’t understand the various tactical approaches to take when it comes to ASO, which is understandable given the amount of information regarding this issue. Indeed, it’s a lot to take in. For example, were you aware that ‘Burst Campaigns are’ far more relevant when you are promoting iOS apps rather than Google play? Did you know that NO ASO keyword tool will give you a 100% accurate search volume result? Knowing your way around the various tactics is important to understanding where to put your effort, and what to expect.

5. Prioritizing Exposure Over Optimization

It’s easy to prioritize exposure over optimization, but in reality you really need to invest a great deal of time in your conversion process too. From looking at Google Play experiments to Google Play’s new data on impressions vs installs, it’s clear that optimization techniques are equally as important as focusing on exposure methods when it comes to ASO.

Final words – What to take from all of this?

Overall, you should take the time to remind yourself that ASO is a drawn-out process, and one that won’t work magically overnight. Conduct meticulous audience research beforehand in order to calculate appropriate expectations, and adjust your approach tactics accordingly. ASO doesn’t have to be disappointing, you just need to make sure you’re prepared for it in the right way.

Renana is Product Marketing manager. She has years of experience in the digital marketing world, offering specific expertise in product marketing, content, UX, social media and more
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