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Here’s why you just can’t make it without superb graphics for your mobile app marketing


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Nowadays, with millions of apps competing for downloads, it’s a known fact that those with the sexiest, most enticing graphics gain a significant advantage. The only problem is… pardon my French: Graphics can be a huge and costly pain in the ass, so what can be done?

It all starts with the best in class app branding of course. Your app icon, logo, color scheme, in-app design and so on.

For example, the app icon is very important as it needs to differentiate your app from all others on the device home screen, making it stand out and easy to find. There are some great examples out there, where you can get some inspiration. Some are quite simple yet smart, whereas others look as they were taken straight out of a Disney feature. Here are a few examples: InstaGenius, TunesMate, Evernote Food, Clear, MailChimp, iHomework, ColorMania

Practical tip: Add borders to your icon and test it on different wallpapers to ensure its visibility is not affected when different backgrounds are used.

Of course, it’s not just graphics that matters, but it certainly helps in closing the deal. You’ll soon realize that next to text, graphics are going to be your number one concern to create.

What’s the big F####ing deal?

No biggie, you probably think, just creating one visual and adapting it to different sizes. Think again… You’ll need to work on designed screenshots for your store download page (Google Play or iTunes), featured image, social headers (cover photos), install ad banners, social posts and so forth.

Here’s an example of such a collection (the pack featuring all images can be found here)
But that’s not even the end of it. You’ll have to do it over and over again. Just think, creating all these graphics and then constantly updating and adapting them according to changes in your product and messaging, ‘dressing it up’ for holidays / special events or just refreshing the visuals to keep things fresh and bold. All done in order to keep your CTR from dropping, leading to a downward downloads trend line, etc… You get the picture.

Also, the design workload and specifications themselves are not a walk in the park. Mobile app companies have specific design needs: The images should include ‘on device’ screens, up-to-date mobile devices, include store badges (‘available on Google play’ badge for example) and more. These are tricky to position when considering the limitations of each platform presenting the image. For example, being able to create a social cover suitable for both desktop and mobile view is like building sand castles.

Creating graphics is not only time-consuming, it can also get quite messy. You have to ensure that you get copyrights right, to avoid problems. Also, it can all get quite expensive.

Why not just hire a designer like the rest of the world does?

You are probably now starting to realize that your small business is going to need to find a way to create unique graphics on a regular basis, as app marketing can potentially require dozens of different graphics per week.

Hiring a graphic designer can be expensive, and you don’t want just anyone to design them either. Also, if your company does already have a graphic designer, chances are he/she is also engaged in some burning product and UX tasks, and don’t necessarily have time for marketing related graphic updates.

You also don’t want to have to rely on outsourcing your graphics needs. Quality outsourced design work is extremely expensive and the cheap online ones (from various marketplaces) often produce low quality materials, and do so

Designed templates especially made for apps

OK, no doubt there is a pain here. We hear you. We’ve been there, struggling with the graphics pain ourselves working on our mobile apps. That’s why we, at decided to establish an online store that offers downloadable template packs specifically designed with app marketing in mind. These templates meet the needs of mobile app marketers and developers.

These template packs allow you to create your own ‘do it yourself’ graphics, without having to rely on anybody, so you’ll be able to boost your app marketing, with minimal investment.

Here’s an example of such a pack for Easter promotions (the pack can be found here)


Members can download an entire pack every month and purchase additional packs for a low fee. Don’t worry, we’ll keep updating our templates so your app marketing graphics will never grow stale. Click here to join.

Tsipi Joseph
Tsipi is one of Co-Founders, a mobile expert and a mentor. Over 10 years of experience in the mobile and marketing industry: Director of Marketing at Telmap, Comverse and marketing professional development director at the American Association of National Advertisers.
Tsipi Joseph
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