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You have 30 days money back guarantee, no questions asked…Actually we will ask, but only because we are striving to constantly improve. If you’re not happy in 30 days,you get your money back.

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* Templates beyond your monthly allowance are available for purchase-on-demand at a discounted price. We’re constantly adding new app marketing templates to the templates library.
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Do-It-Yourself – A huge and updated library of guides, courses and training materials

Create your app yourself

You can do an excellent job marketing your app, even with a limited budget, but you first must learn the ropes.

Enjoy A-Z, hands-on, written and video guides on PR, ASO, acquisition, social, analytics, retention, monetization, virality, in-app marketing features and more.

Competitive analysis of app-marketing services is part of the package as well. AND we make sure to relate all budget levels…

Download best-in-class app marketing templates

best in class marketing templates

Here you get a chance to save both time & money while all along produce brilliant marketing materials for your app.

Yes, you could hire expensive graphical designers, UX professionals & sweat over Excel templates that reveal the important trends…

…Or, you can just download our amazing templates that keep coming every month. Take a look at some of the templates we have recently published.

Consult with app-marketing experts

consult app marketing experts

Sometimes you need to talk to the pros to get help with a specific challenge.

Our “consulting zone”, opened only to our members, does exactly that.

Your questions will be reviewed and answered by one of our app marketing experts. And yes, consider this a commitment.

The support that fits your budget

support that fits your budget

We perfectly understand that not all app developers and publishers have a significant marketing budget to play with. Actually, the vast majority of app devs are VERY limited in $$$ to spend on marketing. We know and respect that.

The beauty is that we make sure to provide app developers with practical training and recommendations that fit their budget.

Gladly, there are a lot of service providers and tactical options out there. We usually provide several options to choose from based on the available budget.

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