The team

Elli (Einav) Laviv, Co-Founder

“I am obsessed with social- likes, followers, friends, quotes, anything goes.
Love it when they “accidentally” find my postwits and respond. I kick ass!  Yea I’m a social animal…”

Tsipi Joseph_bio picture
Tsipi Joseph, Co-Founder

“Come on guys. Grow up… I refuse to take part in this fiasco.
Wanna know the juicy stuff ? Show me the money! ”

Ronen.L, Co-Founder

“I want to do marketing, but they won’t let me. they claim they are better.
Meanwhile I take care of the technical. Revenge is on its way”

Renana Dar,  Product / UX Expert

“I am a perfectionist. Yea I’m in pain.
Who would have thought this can pay the rent…”

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