So you are the one actually visiting the “about” page. Amazing…

Here’s our Story:

Appgo2market is an online DIY mobile app marketing center that offers app pros with a huge library of guides and downloadable templates, to help them with their app marketing efforts.

In addition to producing  the content and templates that are available here, we are also running together with Mobile Monday a variety of professional workshops around mobile app marketing. We are also serving as the marketing team (CMO on demand) of selected developers, helping them move along the app’s life cycle, from launch to growth and scale. Naturally, doing all of that keeps us up-to-date on the most advanced techniques and strategies in this crazy and dynamic industry. All of it is then delivered to you through this website.

Why have we decided to start Appgo2market then ?

Just as everybody else in this business, we faced strict budget constraints, needing to achieve the world, with a real hands-on approach. We had a burning need for a reliable knowledge base and a resource center – it was nowhere to be found. It was then when we decided to do just that, and appgo2market was born.

Who is it for? Appreneurs, developers, marketers, indie, start-ups, bigger corporations, and anyone else really.

What areas are we covering? Well, that’s easy. Everything related to app marketing beside coding. Distribution, engagement and monetization are all in.
User acquisition, social, PR, retention, monetization tactics, analytics, UX, in-app marketing, submission, ASO, localization, branding, competitive analysis of marketing solutions and more.

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