PRIVACY POLICY would be referred as “We”, and “Our” throughout the document.Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect information from users using our services ,would refer as “Services”, as well as users that do not have accounts with us would be referred as “Visitors”, and paying or un paying participants in our subscribing Service would be referred as “Members”. Please read how we treat the data we collect below.Information we Collect and how it is used We collect information in various ways:
Using our service we may collect name, address, telephone number, billing information, IP address, and computer type. We may share this information with third parties on specific circumstances such as JV’s where information as name, username, address, email might be shared for the purpose of offering you other products or services. In that case, the third party may not use the information for any other purpose than the specific product promotion. We also collect data from questioners and surveys from time to time. Anonymous results and statistics might be shared publicly / with third parties. We would also use this statistics to improve our service. We do not have a process to let users modify the data we collect.
We may also create statistics of our visitors, members and service users that would be anonymous, and share with third parties to sell advertisements.
Our company and partners may contact members by phone, sms. We may also provide information to other companies, advertize third party products and affiliate programs. We would initiate emails, as well as respond to emails to us.
If you decide to purchase our Service, you may be directed to a third party payment processor that we do not control.
While we will not share personal user data with advertisers, we might be sharing trends and statistics, and show Ads based on advertiser request to target the relevant audience, based on data we gathered.We may perform games, promotions, contents, polls, specific information based on interests etc’, and information you enter may reach third party that our company has no control over. The information gathered may not be limited to name, address, email, phone, credit card, but include interests and other related things as well.
Our policy of sharing member’s and visitor’s information as discussed above, allows us doing so without notice or option to opt out or prohibit such unrelated uses.
We may also disclose personal information if according to our understanding there’s a need to do that, not limited to authorities, credit card companies, human rights, etc’. Violation of our terms may require us to involve legal actions towards the violator.
Cookies are data files that are placed on your machine when you visit a web site. We are using cookies to track statistical information, as well as visits to improve our service and products. Advertisers and JV’s also use cookies that we do not control and cannot be responsible for. Third parties may use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to collect or receive information from and use that information to provide measurement services and target ads. You can choose to opt-out from ad targeting here and here.
A few things to remember:
1. Please remember that any information used by you in our public forum / area is accessible to everyone. Disclose information with caution.
2. While we’re taking security measures, we can not guarantee that third party hackers wouldn’t hack the site and obtain information we store.
3. We may change our policy from time to time, without further notice.
4. You must be 18 or older to use our site. If you’re under 18, you are not permited to use our site, due to restrictions on this site.

The effective date for this policy is: 6/12/2013